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A vehicular language connects non-native speakers with a common purpose.  English allows for economic and cultural exchanges worldwide–that’s appropriate, as it’s a language that’s borrowed a bit from everyone that speaks it and consequently better recognized everywhere it’s heard. One language that’s as universal as it gets and changes with every person that uses it: music. Video-Tongues-Metronomy This week, The Noble Savage creates a playlist that’s all about putting words in other people’s mouths. Even if it’s been heard by millions, the lyrics we sing over the drone of the daily commute or through the steam of the shower can feel as if they’re speaking specifically through our regrets, our affairs, our joys. But things can get strange when videos start speaking in tongues…As “A Thing For Me,” the kooky karaoke for dance-rock outfit Metronomy shows, it’s says just as much when you can’t get the words straight: