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Enjoy a preview below of my latest You’re the Man style column on Hunter S. Thompson and check out Beso.com to shop like an outlaw:


Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, otherwise known as the daddy of outlaw journalism, Raoul Duke and many other names, was kicked out of everything—yearbook, Time magazine, newspapers in North and South America and the Caribbean—but he found his own way into a truly rare class: American literary icon.

His feverish, fertile dispatches from the Kentucky Derby to the Hell’s Angels, Haight Ashbury hippies to national political conventions, Las Vegas to Vietnam, revealed a man who was intoxicated (in every possible way) by the promises and the failures of America. Thompson became a pop culture mainstay with his freewheeling writing in the pages of his Fear and Loathing series and Rolling Stone magazine, but he still couldn’t help rebelling: Furious that the magazine refused to pay his expenses, he explained he couldn’t look for the American Dream “in a Volkswagen. A white Cadillac convertible. Nothing less.”

HST-Flag Cadillac

His unforgettable look may have challenged his capacity to go gonzo, but it’s a reminder that personal style is one of the few states in which we are truly free. Upon being discharged from the Air Force—honorably—his commanding officer noted, “This airman, although talented, will not be guided by policy.” We couldn’t be happier about it.