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Fashion Week’s globe-spanning, party-hopping and trend-shopping can be dizzying enough; the current psychedelia of scarf prints only heightens the effect.  This renaissance of repetition for fashion followers and commenters has much to do with our contemporary cultural connection with the early nineteen-nineties: the fizz of greed and glamour bubbling over into oppositional identities–such as the grunge and rave aesthetics now in favor–or encouraging indulgence that blows the cork off the champagne bottle.

Vintage Gianni Versace Ad courtesy of The Fashion Spot.

Nobody embraced this moment with quite the exuberant excess of Gianni Versace.  This twenty-year-old clip on the making of Versace’s signature silk scarf print takes us from the mouth of the silkworm to the mind of Gianni himself, from the bodies of his supermodels to the hearts of his over-the-top clientele.  See where it all began below:

Enjoy this video and other fashion flashbacks on The Noble Savage Youtube Channel.